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Dental bridges are a fitting treatment for filling any gaps in the mouth.  For those with good oral hygiene, it is a suitable alternative to crowns and dental implants, with a much quicker process that produces the same results.

Replacing missing teeth promptly is important to avoid other teeth moving into the available gap and causing trouble with your bite or speech. A dental bridge can also boost your confidence. Your bridge will be perfectly matched to the shade of your other teeth, so you can smile with pride and not worry about your bridge looking unnatural.

We always want to provide the best treatment for our patients, so we will consult with you first to determine if this is most suited to your needs. If dental bridges are the right option to proceed with, we’ll begin by taking impressions of your mouth so the bridge fits perfectly. A temporary solution will be fitted in place as your custom bridge is made, and then a follow-up visit will see your bridge finally fitted and checked to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Bridges that are properly installed and cared for can last for many years and you’ll be smiling brightly in the future if you choose treatment with us. If you’re looking to replace missing teeth and begin your dental bridges journey, contact Bilston Dental Practice today.

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Benefits of
Dental bridges:

fills gaps perfectly

looks natural

personalised service

helps bite

last for years

improves speech

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