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Composite Bonding

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Smiling is a way to share joy with the world, so make sure nothing is holding you back from sharing yours. Composite bonding, offers a quick, virtually non-invasive way to smooth out and transform minor imperfections that leave you with the perfect smile.

Composite bonding is an easy fix for minor imperfections that don’t require much work to restore. Commonly, composite bonding is used to fill gaps or treat minor damage to the tooth. It requires no removing parts of the tooth like other treatments for this problem and simply uses a specially-made resin to close gaps. 

We won’t just finish our journey with you after the procedure- we’ll make sure to provide instructions about maintenance so you can get the most from your new look. Contact us today to look forward to a new smile and book your first free consultation regarding composite bonding. 

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Benefits of
composite bonding:

closes gaps

no anaesthesia

enhances smile

Increases confidence

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