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Crowns are designed to fit over a damaged tooth- usually one that is cracked, severely decayed or misshapen.  On some occasions, crowns can be used to hold bridgework in place or cover over dental implants. The most conservative way to improve the appearance of teeth is composite bonding, and here at Bilston Dental Care this is our primary treatment of choice. However, in the most extreme cases veneers, crowns and bridges are to be considered or required.

Single visit crowns can be designed and implemented in as little as 2 hours, unlike traditional crowns, which take several trips to create and place. Impressions of your teeth will be taken digitally, so our dentists have the exact shape and size of your teeth to create the new crowns. 

Crowns can last over a decade with proper care followed, and we want our patients to have the best chance at making their crowns last a full 15 years. Contact Bilston Dental practice today if you’re looking for highly trained professionals in Wolverhampton to begin your crown journey with.

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