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Excellent oral care is the secret to ensuring the long life and health of your teeth and gums. A healthy mouth is important for your overall well-being, and greatly boosts self-confidence.

When visiting our dental hygienist, you will have a high-quality teeth clean, known as a scan and polish, and your mouth will be checked for any signs of gum disease. In the appointment, you will also receive advice based on your circumstances, and tips on any preventative measures you can take to stop any future issues from developing.

Included in all our oral hygiene appointments is a free mouth cancer screening. If your dentist suspects mouth cancer, you can then be referred to a specialist to take further measures for early treatment if caught.

With the help of regular dental check-ups, professional cleans, expert advice and good oral hygiene, you can greatly decrease your risk of severe tooth decay and critical dental problems. To keep your oral hygiene up to standard, book your regular appointments with Bilston Dental Care- be in the know about your health.

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Benefits of
our hygiene services:

prevent problems

personalised dentist advice

free mouth cancer screening

detect issues early

maintain good oral health

quick and easy

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