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Our aim at Bilston is to exceed expectations and have all of our patients smiling with newfound confidence. We are assured that our dental implant work restores a healthy, radiant smile, as well as improves day to day quality of life by helping patients to chew easier.

To begin your implant journey, it may be necessary to have surgery prior to fitting the implants, to prepare and get the most out of your treatment plan. An initial consultation and thorough dental examination will determine if this is needed, and our dentists will co-operate with you to devise a plan of action that allows for the best possible preparation and suits your schedule. These surgeries may include restoring your bone so it’s suitable for the implants. 

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Benefits of
Dental Implants:

increases self confidence

restores functionality

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All our patients have the best care possible when exploring ways to reach their new smile.


Fillings are used to repair damaged teeth following decay, tooth wear or trauma.

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