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Root Canal Treatments

If you have a tooth cavity that reaches the nerves within the tooth, an infection can occur. This can be very painful, and root canal treatment is a final stage for treating severe infections. Root canal treatment is designed to remove bacteria and damaged nerves, which eliminates the toothache it causes. After removing the infected area, it is carefully cleaned and filled to seal the space left, so your tooth is back to normal.

In a follow-up appointment, the root canal will then be covered with a crown or similar protective cap to shield your treated tooth and restore it to full functionality. This treatment enables you to get back to regular life, so you can eat and talk without pain.

Root canal treatments are very successful and can really reduce the intense pain a toothache can bring. If you have a toothache that causes you immense pain, call us to arrange emergency dentistry.

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Benefits of
root canal treatment:

treat severe infection

restores functionality

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