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Straightening your teeth can be done in multiple ways and is beneficial for your overall oral health as well as smile enhancement. We offer Invisalign (page link here) as an option, which is an invisible set of trays worn and swapped out every two weeks as the teeth gradually move.

Our other alternatives include traditional orthodontic braces and lingual braces, and a consultation will be arranged to determine the best course of action for the patient depending on their case.

Traditional orthodontic braces have been improving with time, and now, they’re more comfortable and easier to remain fully committed to than ever. Regular check-ups mean that any issues can be addressed quickly, and progress on teeth movement is easily visible. These can stay on from anywhere between 6 months and 2 years- but your teeth will move quickly and a difference can be seen even with the braces on.

Lingual braces are less common, but effective at moving misaligned teeth into the proper positions. These braces go behind the teeth- an advantage if you’re looking for something less noticeable than traditional braces. Check-ups to adjust the wire will take place throughout the journey, as you see your teeth straighten over time.

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Benefits of
teeth straightening:

clears speech

improved bite

corrects misalignment

lasting effects

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