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Veneers are an option for transforming your smile’s outward appearance. They act as a protective, custom-made shell to cover the front of the tooth, used mainly to improve size, shape and colour of natural teeth.

Like many other teeth correcting treatments, an impression of the teeth will be created to make the veneers and a temporary set will be fitted whilst the real set is carefully made. When this is done, we will place the veneers onto the teeth previously prepared and lock in place with dental cement. This ensures your veneers will stay in place properly, for longer. Composite veneers differ slightly. Rather than covering the full tooth, composite resin veneers involve creating an imprint on the surface of the tooth, so that a layer of the teeth-coloured resin can be applied to your prepared tooth surface.

Our dentists at Bilston Dental Care will discuss the most suited option for you at your first free consultation, before talking through the process and exactly what you can expect. Book your appointment today.

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