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Dentures are a popular method for restoring a full mouth of teeth. Unlike other treatments for missing teeth, dentures can be worn if your mouth or teeth aren’t in the best shape. They’re also easy to maintain, as they can be taken out and put back in as you please. The natural appearance of dentures means they’ll look as natural as normal teeth while still working just as efficiently. 

We’ll arrange a free initial consultation once you register your interest with us. Once our dentists have spoken to you and you’ve decided your treatment plan together, we’ll assess your mouth and how best to proceed with the dentures by checking what you like and dislike. Impressions will be taken to get exact measurements of your mouth, so the dentures can be made to fit you properly. After, we will call you in for a fitting, to ensure everything feels good and works properly. We’ll explain how to care for your dentures- though it’s not much different to the oral hygiene routine for real teeth- and you’ll leave with your new smile.

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Benefits of

natural looking

easy to care for

good functionality


long lasting

improved bite/speech

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