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Bilston Dental Care offers teeth whitening in Wolverhampton. We provide laser teeth whitening, which is a simple process to give you the perfect smile in hours, or you could take home a smile makeover kit, which will whiten your teeth by several shades over a course.

Laser teeth whitening is an effective treatment for combatting stained teeth, whether it’s from eating certain foods, drinking coffee, smoking, or just a natural discolouration. Results are seen quicker than other options and the treatment itself only takes up to an hour, making it a convenient, minimal fuss choice for instant pearly whites.

Smile makeover kits are an at-home, easy solution for whitening your teeth. A free consultation with our dentists will be arranged, where you can both discuss options and choose the whitening kit best suited to your schedule and requirements. We will ensure the trays are custom fitted to your teeth, so the product takes full effect and is comfortable to wear.

Ready to take your smile to the next level and achieve that brighter shade? Contact Bilston Dental Care for professional teeth whitening and book your free consultation today.

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Benefits of
teeth whitening:

increases self confidence

lasting effects

flexible, easy process

removes stains

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