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Losing one of more of your teeth doesn’t just create a gap in your smile, but it can also impact your everyday confidence. At Bilston Dentistry, we’ve seen the impact a lost tooth can create in patients and we are determined to help. That’s why we are the leading, local dental implant practice who offer single tooth or full mouth implants. Whichever you may require, you’re in good hands that provide both.

Single dental implant work is specifically for treating a missing tooth- the implant will function and appear just as a normal tooth, without the risk of decay. Unlike other treatments, implants can be fitted without removing enamel from any neighbouring teeth, making it a minimal fuss and cost-effective treatment. A well-fitted and cared for dental implant can last years, eliminating the anxieties that come with following up on treatments years later. Book your first free consultation today.

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Benefits of
Dental Implants:

increase self confidence

restore functionality

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