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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding- What is it?

Composite bonding is a modern cosmetic dental treatment used to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Over the last few years, it has grown in population for its convenient price compared to other smile treatments.  

Composite bonding can be performed on all ages, as it is a relatively easy procedure that requires no surgery. It’s also one of the easiest ways to fix minor dental problems that don’t require surgical treatment or lengthy preparation. Once you’ve consulted with your dentist and undergone the treatment, it will be complete within the session and you’ll be able to leave with your transformed smile in just one visit- another factor making this treatment incredibly popular. 

When is it a suitable treatment?

Composite bonding can be considered a suitable options for many common dental problems, including:

We recommend this treatment for improving the appearance of teeth, as the procedure is non invasive and results are seen instantly. 

I've booked my composite bonding treatment. What should I expect?

One recommendation we can make for you is to ensure any whitening treatments are undergone beforehand. Bonds do not lighten once they’ve been placed, and your dentist will match the bonding shade to your teeth colour before beginning to ensure it looks as natural as possible. 

Once your shade is determined, your tooth is cleaned thoroughly by the dentist so it can be prepared appropriately. The surface of where the bonding is required is then etched so a dental adhesive can be applied- this helps it stay. The composite resin will then be carefully placed on the etched surface, where it is then set with a light for a minute.

The procedure is easy and painless- your dentist won’t be working anywhere near the nerve of your tooth, so any anaesthetics or painkillers aren’t necessary. It’s also relatively quick- dependent on what you need and your tooth, it can take around 30-60 minutes. Caring for your new bonding is simple- continue with your good oral hygiene routine and brush your teeth twice a day. No special routine is required, just keep visiting your dentist regularly and take care of your new smile.   

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